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Well so much for the heat keeping folks on the couch and off the streets of Chelmsford.  Despite warm temperatures and a rather humid day, over 2000 registered and 1934 completed the 2 mile course.  No records were set although I am sure that no 40 year old woman has ever finished in second place with a time of 11:48 while being seven months pregnant…congratulations Kara Haas ( I had felt good about finishing in 12:34 until I heard that).

Great job by Brian Gagnon (a Lowell native) who finished the course in a blistering 9 minutes and 15 seconds.  I think he used the race as a cool down since he won a one mile race in Manchester NH the day before in 3 minutes and 44 seconds.  For the women, Courtney Baldwin, (also a Lowell native) who is a junior at UMass Amherst was the first woman to cross the line with a time of 11:17. Not bad just coming off mono… let’s hope she comes back next year.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the run.  It was a bit crazy at registration but the starting line crew tried to sign up everyone they could but as we always warn, we did run out of numbers.  The parade was really fun to watch this year with such incredible bands and really cool floats.  Hats off to the Chelmsford Police for helping us mark the roads (Gail) and helping us get those last applications to the finish line.  I didn’t hear one comment about Parkhurst Road… I don’t think most of the runners realize what the road looked like two days before; thanks to the highway department for their hard work.  Lastly thanks to the crew at the finish line.  Have you ever had a party with 2000 guests that all arrive within 15 minutes and are incredibly thirsty and hungry???  Welcome to the finish line of the John Carson Road Race.

Prizes will be mailed out by the end of the week, and don’t forget to check the evening mass daily lottery number.  The first night that number matches a bib number (0001-2000) that runner will receive a trip for four to Disney World in Orlando.